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MARC Linking Now Available

Thu, 09 Jun 2011 – 4:19 pm e — jhennelly

We are thrilled to announce that our MARC linking service is now available to all. The service is free of charge and will be a powerful tool for both users and vendors. Following the instructions provided, anyone will be able to create a link based on a specific location within MARC to the relevant instruction(s) in RDA Toolkit. The linking service requires URLs constructed on the record type (bibliographic or authority) and the essential MARC data–field, indicators, and subfield. While the service is free to everyone, a subscription to RDA Toolkit is required to view the linked content.

The MARC linking service functions in much the same way that vendors link to MARC documentation. For vendors, the MARC linking service will allow them to program their systems to dynamically recognize a users’ position in a MARC input screen and provide a context-sensitive-help button in their interface that opens a new window linking the user directly to the relevant content of RDA Toolkit. A version of this service is already being used in OCLC’s Connexion. Users can also create their own persistent URLs from their local documentation, staff wiki’s, RDA Toolkit workflows or any other web enabled documents into RDA Toolkit.

This service is based on the MARC-to-RDA MAppings of RDA Toolkit, and these mappings will be regularly updated. But since your links contain only MARC information, there will be no need for you to do any updating on your end. As new mappings are added, the changes will be automatically seen in the hit results returned by your MARC-based links. Not all MARC fields have corresponding RDA instructions, so some links may not lead to RDA instructions.

Guide to the MARC Linking Service



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